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Why have individual therapy?

Many people of all ages have individual therapy. It helps people to explore difficult aspects of their lives.
Difficult aspects could be:

  • Problematic relationships with either parent
  • Problematic relationships with children or               partners
  • Obsessional thinking
  • Work-place stressors
  • Racism (current or historic)
  • Bullying (current or historic)
  • Bereavement
  • Feelings of depression, anxiety or illness
  • Feelings of not being able to move on after a relationship break-up
  • Experiences of trauma and abuse
  • Feeling a lack of self-esteem and confidence
  • Feeling isolated and misunderstood

Individual Relationship Therapy can be very helpful in enabling you to explore a difficult pattern of behaviour that might have repeated itself in previous relationships.

Although it does not always seem like it, our most important relationship is with ourselves – how we feel about ourselves and our gender and how comfortable we feel ‘being’ with our own company as well as in the company of others. When we feel at one with our self, we feel more secure in the world. We are more likely to have successful relationships when we have this feeling of inner security because then we are not expecting a close and intimate love relationship to take away our feelings of insecurity. At the same time, good, trusting relationships with family members and friends helps us to build our inner security

Talking through painful and problematic experiences openly and in a safe space, with a well trained therapist, will allow you to come to new and helpful understandings about yourself and your life.

Individual therapy will enable you to better understand your own motivations and help you to identify what you want and what you consider acceptable in your future.

It can sometimes seem as though everyone is in some kind of romantic relationship, however this is not compulsory! Single people have excellent friendships and full, rewarding lives.


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