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How does the process work?. How the process works

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How does the process work?

Couples Counselling

Prior to the Initial Assessment, I will send each of you links to some questionnaires that you can fill out online.

The Initial Assessment will involve both of you and lasts one hour.
This Assessment is for you to tell me key details about your issues, and it gives you an opportunity to find out whether you want to work with me!
It also establishes whether you are currently in a position to benefit from therapy.

Following the Initial Assessment, I will offer each of you an Individual, confidential session, on your own.

Once the individual sessions have been held, all further sessions will be attended by both of you together.

Occasionally, there may be times when a further Individual session could prove helpful. If this was the case, you would both need to have an individual session each. Balance is important in Couples Counselling.

Family Therapy

The process always starts with an Initial Assessment. This lasts one hour.

Family therapy does not have to include all the members of a family.

There may be sessions where one or more members of a family attend together.

There may be sessions where all members of the immediate family attend together.

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